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Quickly Log Engagements | Insight into Performace | Understand Deal Flow

Hubsy is on Slack, Facebook, Alexa

Chat with Hubsy anywhere, anytime.

Create engagements easier

Ever forget to log a call or send an email with a client because you got too busy? You no longer need to login to HubSpot log every engagement with a customer. Take care of it on the fly and save time just by chatting with Hubsy on Slack, Facebook, or Alexa!

Sales team status

Need to know how many deals are assigned to a member of your sales team? How about the number of engagements they have completed over the past week? Maybe you just want to stir up some friendly competition by comparing members of your sales team. All can be done on the go!

Quickly get contact info

We know its a huge pain to always have to go back into HubSpot to get the contact information for a client you are working with. Now you can simply talk to Hubsy and get the information you need!

See what commands you can ask Hubsy to do!

Take a look at some of the following commands.

Create an {engagement}

Create a note

Create a contact

How many deals are in the {stage} stage

How many deals are in the discovery stage

How many {engagements} has {sales} made {timeframe}

How many tasks has Andy made this week

How many {engagements} have been made {timeframe}

How many calls have been made this week

Can you tell me the contact info for {contact}

Can you tell me the contact info for Batman

Who is {contact}

Who is Batman

I need to compare sales people

Compare {engagements} with {salesOne} and {salesTwo} for {timeframe}

Compare emails with Andy and Andrew for last month

What is the total value in the {stage} stage

What is the total value in the won stage

Give me the number of deals in the {stage}‚Äč stage that {sales} has

Give me the number of deals in the discovery stage that Andrew has

Show me recent deals


Sample - Get Contact Info

Sample - Number Of Tasks Logged

Sample - Create Contact

Technical Jargon

List of all the AWS / third party services we used to build Hubsy.

** AWS
## Third Party

** Lex

This is the service that allowed us to build the conversational piece of our bot. We gave it potential utterances that a person on a sales team would likely say.

** Lambda

Lambda is where the majority of Hubsy's magic happens. We run our NodeJS code that parses the users request, contacts the HubSpot API, and decides to either fulfill the initial request, or reach back to the user for more information.

** Alexa Skill Developer

We used Amazon's Alexa skill builder to build our skill and test it on an Echo Dot.

** CloudWatch Logs

Our Lambda functions all log to CloudWatch so that it was easier for us to debug different pieces of our intents.

## HubSpot

HubSpot was the CRM of choice to integrate our bot with because of its ease of use and popularity.

## Terraform

Using Terraform and writing our infrastructure as code allowed for faster development with Lambda and clean infrastructure management.

## ESLint

We used ESLint to ensure our code was always linted before each deploy and we were following proper development standards.

** IAM

IAM profiles for our Lambda functions so that they only have access to the services they need.

Not Bot related but worth mentioning.

** Route 53

Domain was purchased and where the DNS is.

** S3

Our Terraform config and website are stored in S3.

** CloudFront

The CDN that fronts the S3 bucket containing the website.

** Certificate Manager

Hubsy website SSL certificate.